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      Kelsey’s face flushed pink before she frowned, her brow furrowing in anger. “You have a lot of God damn nerve Marcus, to act like I’m not allowed to have company, after I caught you stuffing your dick in another woman in my fucking house. Come get your shit, I don’t care.” Kelsey retorted, looking into Jamie’s shocked face. Jamie had never heard her soft spoken friend speak to anyone so harshly, but if anyone was deserving of her anger it was Marcus. We went into the room to ‘measure up’ and decided the best thing to do would be to have a sort of mini door that could be opened for sex and closed for blowjobs so that could still do both with full anonymity. We also made a little sign that hung inside ‘blowjob £20, fuck £50’. It was going to take a few days to do the changes but that was fine.

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