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      That’s genuinely nice of you to say that Joey”, she said, “I will take that as a compliment”. After getting his knee patched, Joey’s dick was still hard and stiff, and Peggy was still pretty worked up. She did something without even thinking. She looked up at his face and asked in a quiet and seductive manner, “would you like to feel them, Joey?” Mandy had undone Wendy’s pants and had exposed her bare snatch to Alex and Amber. Wendy didn’t pay any attention to her, all she cared about was sucking off her son. Despite her gag reflex she was doing her best to deepthroat his member. She thought he was almost there when she heard a crack and felt a pain in her left ass cheek. She pulled her face off her son’s dick and lucked behind her. Mandy was standing over her, buck naked but holding the belt from Wendy’s pants. Mandy cleared her throat, “What does Mommy want?”

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