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      That’s genuinely nice of you to say that Joey”, she said, “I will take that as a compliment”. After getting his knee patched, Joey’s dick was still hard and stiff, and Peggy was still pretty worked up. She did something without even thinking. She looked up at his face and asked in a quiet and seductive manner, “would you like to feel them, Joey?” I then ran my hands over his trap’s, the muscles of his neck, and mentioned to him, “Sal, your muscles are well defined. I moved my hand down his arms to his biceps, and he flexed them for me. I took both hands and put them around his bicep, and squeezed them. “Wow, so firm and huge, you are turning into a muscle-bound young man.” Then I couldn’t help myself. I ran my hand lightly across his chest, my fingertips brushing lightly across his nipples which I could see hardening through his shirt. He gave a little gasp. I quickly came to my senses and pulled away from him, and apologized.

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