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      Jamie closed her eyes and slid her arms above her head, holding onto the back of the couch as Kelsey delicately touched her sensitive flesh. She pushed her hips forward slightly, edging her ass up to the end of the couch. Kelsey leaned in and bit Jamie’s inner thigh sharply, causing Jamie to jump a little. Kelsey smiled and kissed her friends thighs, slowly parting her pussy with her thumbs. Kelsey looked at Jamie’s glistening cunt and shivered. Slowly she leaned in and stuck her tongue out, making contact with the hot wet flesh of Jamie’s clit. And there was certainly an increase in interest in him from other women. Before when he attended church, Madison and her parents were the main interface, along with a couple of other widowers and a few couples that had been good friends. No one pushed him to change, but Madison made it happen. There were a few women that had divorced that would give him a smile that at first was a bit uncomfortable, but his younger sidekick could read the signs and worked to encourage him to respond and would surreptitiously excuse herself so that they could chat alone.

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