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      She tried to ignore the bulge. But after a while, with Joey fidgeting and it was growing so much, she no longer could ignore it. She looked up at his face and it was bright red with embarrassment. By now he has a full blown stiffy, and it was a noticeably big one at that. It was straining to get out of his shorts. “What’s going on Joey?”, she asked. “I can’t help it,” he said, “I’m sorry but I can’t help but look down your blouse!” In her haste to get his knee cleaned up to she forgot what she was wearing. Joey was getting a full view of her magnificent tits! Every time she moved as she tended his knee, her tits would shift back and forth. Her nipples were large and prominently protruding from the thin material. From Joey’s angle he was seeing bare tits as if she did not have a shirt on. The scoop neck of her top, as she bent over, exposed every lovely inch of her breasts to his young eyes. I stood up and said, “why don’t you start the next movie, and I’ll go check on the guys. I’m sure that it’s half time and instead of them coming looking for me, I’d better go see to their stomachs”.

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