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      The attendant slowly reached his hand out to rub my pussy, and it was exactly what I was hoping for. I knew right then that I was going fuck this guy. I gave a little moan, and pulled him up off the seat. The dressing room didn’t give a lot of room, but I had worked with less room in adult arcades before. I gave him a deep French kiss while undoing his belt and working his zipper. I dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock (the first new cock I’ve played with in months!), and without hesitation placed it in my mouth. It was an average sized dick (my husband is certainly bigger) but that didn’t matter… I just needed to get fucked! I looked up at him and made eye contact while I worked his cock and rubbed my pussy. I noticed he had a wedding ring on, which turned me further on. I could feel how excited his cock was as it throbbed on my tongue… but I wanted to get fucked before he cum. I also knew Ben was waiting, and didn’t want him to get suspicious. I stood up while still working his cock and asked if he had a condom. He hesitantly whispered “no”… I looked down at his dick in my hand and said “you can Fuck me, but only for 1 minute… and you have to tell me when you’re ready to cum so I take it in my mouth… deal?”. He nodded yes, and I spun around and bent over as much as I could in the booth, giving him access to my overly aroused pussy. He didn’t hesitate, I could feel his dick pushing against my pussy looking for the hole and then finally penetrating me. I looked at the mirror I was leaning against and saw his face as he gasped… I needed this, and obviously he did too. I turned my head and said “fuck me like the slut I am”, as he quickly picked up pace and fucked me harder. I couldn’t wait to tell Peter about this, although I’d have to leave out the part where he fucked me raw (Peter always insisted on condoms). It was less than a minute of fucking, and he said he was going to cum, so I quickly spun around to take his cock in my mouth again, but he was already shooting cum even before I got my lips around it… so some cum ended up on my face, some in my mouth. Yes I think so, I was really nervous but it’s the most exciting thing I’ve done. I’m still shaking now from it” I replied. “But can we make some changes? Can we make the hole bigger and higher?”

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